The Secret of My Life........

Sesungguhnya solatku, ibadahku, hidupku & matiku hanyalah kerana ALLAH Taala..

Secret of my life which will be revealed here & everyone will know who i am and what i think about them............

Monday, September 5, 2011

Time Heals Everything...I Think It Is Quite True

there is a saying that time heals everything i think it is quite true...distance and time make me forgot about 'it' but when i see 'it' again..the feeling of sadness and misery come back to my heart..i hate of being like this..actually i am not sure about my own feeling..sometimes i feel like i hate 'it', sometimes i miss 'it' and sometimes i just want to go far from here.......far from 'it' a place that we wont meet again till die. I still cant open my heart for others who try to know me...i just dont have any feeling for them..i hate when people ask me about boyfriend or marriage...i feel extremely sad when i need to answer them...sometimes i feel a bit jealous when people had found their own soul mate...but i am still alone and lonely....people always say that i am too choosy and play hard to get too much..but they never really know what i feel, about my pain, about my frustration...i am not a person that easily fall in love..but once i fall in love i will have to take my whole life to forget it...i really dont know why i love him once time ago...because he is totally dont have the characteristic that i want...maybe it is true that love is blind...and syaitan had blinded my eyes..thanks to ALLAH that i had passed this i feel more happy and i can have my old life back...goodbye to the sadness of yesterday..hello to today happiness.....may ALLAH bless me always...:)


  1. haha...besela...matang seiring pertambahan usia..:)